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Weekend Madarsa

Weekend Madrasa

Our structured curriculum at quranclassforkids.com is intended to engage pupils in a wide range of activities that they will find fascinating and pleasant.

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Understanding Of Islam's Religion And Pillars

learn to read quran online

Weekend Madrasah operates on Sat-Sun. This program offers a proper understanding of Islam’s religion and pillars rather than its systems, as well as an introduction to the basics of Holy Quran classes near me recitation. The major goals of this course are to improve students’ understanding of Islam and help them develop as people.

Our instructors are knowledgeable professionals who have designed interactive learning settings where students may participate in discussions with their instructors and classmates to deepen and broaden their Islamic knowledge. All Madrasah employees and anyone else who interacts with the pupils there will have undergone DBS and CRB checks

Nurture Youth With The Highest Morals And Principles Of Islam

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quran class for kids.com is to nurture youth with the highest morals and principles for them to form a solid Islamic identity and personality.

In the current environment of secular norms, social decay, and an unrelenting wave of Islamophobia, we keep hoping that our children will not only be capable of confronting the difficulties that inevitably arise with courage and integrity but that they will also be able to be a resource of inspiration and direction for the entire community. We are glad to be able to assist in preparing the following group of young learners to acquire knowledge, compassion, and good manners in light of the growing relevance of serving the demands of the Newham and surrounding areas. Our structured curriculum is intended to engage pupils in a wide range of activities that they will find fascinating and pleasant.

hifz classes for kids
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Quran classes near me

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